Energy-Boosting Morning Smoothie

Do you wake up feeling groggy, run down and just BLEH?

You are not alone!

Some days we get out of bed and just draaaag ourselves out of our bedroom to start the day…

Likely to grab a cup of joe to give yourself a boost or for some ambition to seize the day…

But what if you grabbed something different?

Like a…


Now, this isn’t just your plain run of the mill smoothie… 


(which incorporates a special energy-boosting ingredient)…

Let’s get started!

For this smoothie, you will need:

  • 2 Cups of Orange Juice – This can be any type of Orange Juice of your liking. Personally, I prefer pulp free when making a smoothie! (If you aren’t an orange fan, you can try substituting with pineapple juice or even almond milk).
  • 1 Cup of Plain Yogurt – I like to use just a plain Greek yogurt, but you can certainly substitute another yogurt of your choosing. 
  • 2 Cups of Fresh or Frozen Berries – I prefer fresh berries out of my garden (but of course this can depend on the season… So if I can’t grow my own, I purchase from my local market). Of course, frozen berries are a suitable and easy option – no slicing and dicing needed!
  • 1 Cup of Ice Cubes – This is only applicable if you’re using fresh fruit. If you’re using frozen berries, no additional ice is necessary.
  • SPECIAL INGREDIENT – 1 Packet of Complete Collagen+
  • Tip: This caramel flavoring will really help bring out all the flavors in this smoothie and really give you that extra morning BOOST!

Now the we have all the ingredients, here are the next steps:

  • First – add the orange juice and yogurt and lightly blend.
  • Tip: I always layer my softest ingredients first then move onto the hardest (frozen). 
  • Second – add the Complete Collagen+ and lightly blend again.
  • Third – add fruit (and if needed, add ice). 
  • Finally – blend on high for approximately 2 minutes or until the mixture is smooth. 

Ta Da! A delicious energy-boosting smoothie at your fingertips!

Easy right?

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Did you like the taste? Did you feel more energized in the morning AND throughout the day? 

Stay Beautiful.

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