Our Story

Hi, I am Cristina Marie! Devout wife, mother, animal lover, avid gardener, and lover of adventure.

My journey into clean and natural supplements began with a struggle of my own. At the young age of 30, my skin was weathered and full of blemishes, my hair was brittle and falling out, I was tired all of the time, and I was 15 pounds overweight. I felt decades older than I was and every doctor told me “it was just a part of getting older.”

But I did not want to accept that diagnosis as my fate.

So, I began searching for solutions of my own.

I tried acupuncture, Chinese medicine, expensive topical ointments, and a variety of supplements…

NOTHING seemed to work.

Until I found a unique formula that changed my life.

With the help of my co-founder, we were able to bottle this formulation utilizing the finest ingredients to create a REAL SOLUTION that helped me feel myself again…

From there, I personally took a daily-dose of Complete Collagen Plus for several months to test whether this new formulation actually worked…


With time, I had glowing skin, shiny hair, fast-growing nails, boundless energy, and felt my absolute best.

I finally admired my reflection in the mirror and felt like myself again (in fact, I felt even BETTER)!


I knew that I wasn’t the only woman feeling this way… And that’s when I made it my mission to share high-quality micelle liposomal supplements with women all over the world, helping women feel beautiful from the inside out.

The EverBella Name

The name EverBella was inspired by one of our founding partners, Cristina.

Her grandmother, Elizabeth, was the first child born in America in the year 1909 from an Italian immigrant family. When Cristina was a little girl, she would frequently say to her, “Quanto sei bella!” – which means, “How beautiful you are!” in Italian.

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away at the age of 94, and at the time Cristina was 12 years old. Elizabeth was a woman of grace with a heart of gold. She taught Cristina how to appreciate the beauty in life, to accept who she was, and to put family first. While Cristina’s time with Elizabeth was short, she left a lasting impression on her heart and life.

Simply put, we want you to love yourself and to accept the beautiful person you truly are.

We want women to feel beautiful from the inside out.