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EverBella was founded on the principle that we want you to love yourself and to accept the beautiful person you truly are. Our goal is simple: to provide you with high-quality beauty supplements that ACTUALLY work.

Your journey to look and feel your best begins here.

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About Cristina Marie

Hi, I am Cristina Marie! Devout wife, mother, animal lover, avid gardener, and lover of adventure.

My journey into clean and natural supplements began with a struggle of my own. At the young age of 30, my skin was weathered and full of blemishes, my hair was brittle and falling out, I was tired all of the time, and I was 15 pounds overweight. I felt decades older than I was and every doctor told me “it was just a part of getting older.”

But I did not want to accept that diagnosis as my fate.

For many years, I tried what felt like everything to feel like myself again…

Until I discovered a solution that actually worked. I finally admired my reflection in the mirror and felt like myself again (in fact, I felt even BETTER)!

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I made it my mission to share high-quality supplements with women all over the world… while aiming to create more formulations that truly worked, helping women feel beautiful from the inside out.

Micelle Liposomal

Collagen Plus


Stay healthy strong and beautiful with the complete collagen blend your body has been craving. With just a tablespoon-full a day, you can:

  • See your skin look younger, dewier, and healthier
  • Banish the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Seal in moisture in your skin
  • Grow healthier-looking hair
  • Help diminish discomfort in your muscles after workouts
  • Feel satiated throughout the day
  • Maintain your lean figure
  • Promote fat burning

Micelle Liposomal

Biotin Plus

Cinnamon Roll

Grow healthy hair with this blend of powerhouse nutrients, specifically designed to improve hair growth and quality.

Enjoy the restorative benefits:

  • Healthy Hair Follicles
  • Scalp Nourishment
  • Hair Growth
  • Stronger Hair
  • Shinier Hair
  • Reduced Split Ends

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