The Difference Between Collagen And Gelatin: What You Need To Know

Collagen and gelatin are both proteins that have a variety of benefits for the human body. Here, I’ll explore the main differences between these two substances.

Important points:

  • Collagen is a type of protein found in the body that helps provide strength and elasticity to tissues such as skin, muscle, and bones.
  • Gelatin is a form of collagen that has been cooked down into a thick liquid.
  • Both collagen and gelatin are derived from animal products, but collagen can also be found in some plant sources.

Collagen is a structural protein while gelatin is a protein that has been broken down into smaller pieces. Collagen is found in the body’s connective tissues, skin, and organ tissue, while gelatin is found in the muscles and bones. 

They both have many of the same benefits for the body. They help to improve skin health, joint health, and bone health. They also help to improve digestion and can reduce inflammation. Collagen and gelatin are both excellent sources of protein, and they are both fairly easy to digest.

This is simply because they’re almost the same thing. But not completely…

What is the main difference?

Collagen and gelatin’s main difference comes down to their chemical structures.

Collagen is formed by a triple helix made up of 3 chains with over 1,000 amino acids each. [1]

In contrast, gelatin is a degraded form of collagen that has been partially broken down. This means that it’s made up of shorter chains of amino acids. [2]

This makes gelatin easier to digest than pure collagen. However, collagen supplements are mostly made of a type of collagen called collagen peptides. This type of collagen is easier to digest than gelatin.

Also, collagen peptides dissolve in both hot and cold water, while most forms of gelatin only dissolve in hot water. When cooled, gelatin can form into a thick gel. This is why it cannot be used interchangeably with collagen peptides. [2]

Is one better than the other?

If you’re trying to decide whether you should take collagen or gelatin, there are a few factors to consider. 

While collagen and gelatin both share many of the same benefits, they have different functions.

Collagen is mostly used as an easy-to-digest supplement. You can add it to your coffee, tea, smoothie, and many other recipes without affecting consistency or even taste. Like Complete Collagen+, these come in formulas that are designed to boost collagen levels and support your health.

On the other hand, gelatin is used primarily for its gelling abilities, which have many culinary uses and applications. For instance, you can use it to make homemade candies or to thicken recipes.

That said, you reap the most benefits by sticking to collagen supplements. This is because you know how much you’re taking and you’re giving your body straight collagen as opposed to a broken down form.

If you want not only straight collagen, but straight collagen that can actually be absorbed and used by your body, you want Complete Collagen+

Here at EverBella, we wrap the collagen peptides in protective layers called micelles and liposomes. 

These allow the collagen to make it to your intestine fully intact where it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream instead of just breaking down and passing through.

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