Should Older Adults Take Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It plays a role in the health of the skin, bones, cartilage, and more. 

Unfortunately, collagen depletes with age. It seems reasonable, then, that it would be important for us to be taking collagen as we get older. Right?


The reduction in collagen as we age leads to things like sagging skin and prominent wrinkles. On the inside, this decrease leads to weaker bones, which can be accompanied by a host of issues. [1]

Plenty of collagen studies have demonstrated positive results in bone and skin health during aging. [2, 3]

For example, one study in postmenopausal women with reduced bone mineral density found that a daily dose of collagen over the span of a year significantly increased bone mineral density of the femoral neck and spine, indicating reduced bone degradation and increased bone formation. [4]

A review of 11 collagen studies found that supplementing with the protein daily for six months improved hydration, elasticity, and collagen content of the skin. [5]

What Are The Cons?

Honestly, I couldn’t find any!

Unlike questionable fads and trends that come and go, collagen is tried and true. After all, your body is full of this protein, needs it, but is losing it. 

I did find another pro, though!

Taking collagen can help boost your protein intake! You know, because it’s a protein. And studies have shown that increasing protein intake can help reduce age-related muscle loss and boost muscle function. [6]

If there is a con, it’s that most collagen supplements on the market aren’t bioavailable. Meaning your body can’t absorb it.

And you don’t get the benefits.

That’s why I use EverBella’s Micelle Liposomal Complete Collagen+.

Not only does it contain other ingredients – like MCT, algal DHA, and vitamin E – it’s infused with a micelle liposomal formula for superb absorption.

That means you can actually notice a difference.

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