7 Ways Amla Berries Boost Your Health

Amla berries, also known as Indian gooseberries – or scientifically as Phyllanthus emblica and Emblica Officinalis – is a fruit tree native to parts of Asia, most prominently India. It’s rich in nutrients and has several uses in herbal medicine. 

Amla berries grow on small trees, are about the size of a golf ball, and are yellow-green in color. They taste sour, bitter, and acidic. 

In today’s blog, I will share with you the many benefits of amla berries, along with the studies to back it all up!

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1. They’re anti-aging

Thanks to amla berries’ high antioxidant content, including vitamin C, the fruit offers some incredible anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants like vitamin C help prevent cellular damage, slowing your body’s natural aging process. [1]

This and other factors allow amla berries to benefit your health and beauty in a few ways…

For your skin, amla berries help prevent the breakdown of collagen, which is the main protein that forms your skin. When collagen breaks down, your skin becomes thin, wrinkly, and vulnerable to blemishes and other skin conditions. [2, 3]

For your hair, extracts of these berries are actually commonly used to promote hair growth due to their ability to inhibit an enzyme that can cause hair loss. [4]

For your eyes, compounds with amla berries have been shown to protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – one of the biggest causes of blindness in older adults – by improving the mitochondrial health of the eyes. [5]

2. They support heart health

Amla berries can help your heart stay strong and healthy in several ways. 

First has to do with its antioxidant effects. Several animal studies have found that amla berry extracts can help protect against the oxidative damage that’s associated with heart injury. [6, 7, 8]

It’s also been shown to help improve endothelial function. The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels and its health is very important to the well-being of your heart. One study even found that taking amla berry extract had the same impact on improving endothelial function as a drug prescribed for this purpose. [9, 10]

Inflammation is one of the main factors in the development of heart disease, and thankfully, amla berries have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in humans. [9, 11, 12]

Additionally, several human studies have shown that amla berries allow for healthy blood fat levels. Research has found that consuming amla berries reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol, increases HDL (good) cholesterol, and lowers triglyceride levels. This helps to keep your heart healthy and clear of build-up. [9, 11, 13, 14]

High blood pressure is another thing that can harm your heart. But, studies have shown that amla berries help widen the blood vessels for easier blood flow and lower pressure. [12, 15]

And if all of this wasn’t enough, amla berries also have an anti-platelet effect, meaning they help prevent the formation of blood clots, which can cause a heart attack or stroke if they block an artery. [12]

3. May have anti-cancer effects

While there hasn’t been any research into how well amla berries can fight cancer in humans, there have been some very interesting test-tube and animal studies on the subject. 

In these types of studies, amla berry extracts have killed certain types of cancer cells, including breast, cervical, ovarian, and lung cancers. [16]

Researchers believe this has to do with the high level of tannins and flavonoids within these berries, along with the concentration of vitamin C and other antioxidants. 

4. Balances blood sugar levels

Amla berries are showing some promise to those with blood sugar conditions such as type 2 diabetes due to how it affects blood sugar levels in early studies. 

Several animal studies have shown that taking these berries helps lower blood sugar levels. [17, 18, 19]

And one human study found that those taking amla berry powder daily for 21 days saw a significant drop in blood sugar levels following fasting and meals when compared to a control group. [14]

5. Helps protect against liver damage

Rat studies have found that, when given diets containing liver-harming compounds, amla berry extract protects against liver damage. Researchers believe that this is due to the berry’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. [20, 21, 22]

6. Helps reduce heartburn

A high-quality study done in humans was carried out in 2018 with the aim of seeing how amla berries helped those with frequent heartburn. Researchers saw that 1,000 mg daily of amla fruit tablets reduced the frequency and severity of heartburn and vomiting than those in the placebo group. [23]

7. Bolsters immunity

Amla berries have immune-boosting effects thanks to their high vitamin C content. 

Vitamin C helps increase the power of your immune system in many ways, including enhancing antioxidant support, managing the inflammatory response, producing specialized immune cells, and helping your body create protective antibodies. [24, 25]

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