5 Surprising Benefits Of Collagen

If you’re familiar with EverBella at all, you likely already know a great deal about collagen. 

But are there some things you don’t know?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. As such, it’s crucial for many functions throughout the body, supporting your health in numerous ways. While your collagen is reducing the signs of aging, it’s also working to benefit your health.

To make sure you know as much as possible about this amazing protein, I wanted to share 5 surprising benefits of collagen with you. That way, you can feel even better about your daily dose of Complete Collagen Plus!

Here are some of the lesser known effects of collagen:

1. It helps you detox

When it comes to detoxing within the body, that’s up to your liver and kidneys. We encounter toxins day in and day out. Thanks to these organs, your body survives each day despite this. But as you can imagine, if these organs weren’t functioning at their best, you may be left vulnerable. 

Taking collagen can help with the elimination of toxins within the body. This is because collagen is largely made up of an amino acid called glycine, which has enormous healing and detoxifying capabilities within the body. 

Glycine helps reduce any damage that toxins may be able to cause while your body processes them. As such, research has shown that glycine reduces liver damage and provides a protective effect on the liver long-term. [1]

2. It has gut-healing properties

With so many people experiencing digestive problems, gut health has become a big concern. When your gut is functioning well, you can properly take in the nutrients you consume, and your health can be better supported. You can also enjoy your day better, as digestive issues can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. 

Since collagen is a fibrous protein – the glue that holds everything together – it can help the health of your gut. Research has shown that collagen can support and strengthen the lining of your digestive tract, helping with stomach upset and things like leaky gut. [2]

3. It supports muscle growth

Again, collagen is the glue that holds everything together – including your muscles. As such, research has shown that adding collagen supplements to your workout regimen promotes healthier muscles and quicker growth. [3]

If you’re looking to support your muscles, consider adding collagen to your workout routine!

4. It supports heart health

Heart-related issues are the number one cause of death worldwide. As such, it’s important to support your ticker! Thankfully, collagen can help.

One study found that those who took collagen supplements daily for six months had reduced plaque buildup in their arteries as well as significantly reduced cholesterol. [4]

So now you can feel even better about your daily dose of collagen knowing that it supports your heart!

5. It increases breast firmness 

As women age, their breasts begin to sag. It’s just a part of life that can have to do with pregnancies, weight gain/loss, gravity, and more. 

When you get down to it, the main cause of sagging breasts is due to the ligaments and fibrous tissue within the breasts weakening. While there are no muscles in the breasts, so you can’t “work them out” to make them more firm, collagen is a main component of the breasts. 

As we age, our bodies lose collagen. The result is that our skin sags and wrinkles – including the breasts. Boosting your collagen levels can help support the tissue within your breasts, allowing them to be firmer and perkier. 

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