9 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

As the seasons change, we have to adjust the ways that we care for our skin.

Of course, this may depend on the climate where you live. Where I am, it gets dry, snowy, and cold. I’m not complaining – I actually love it! And in case you’re in the same boat, let me share some tips that I’ve found can drastically help my skin during this colder season!

1. Use A Humidifier 

With the cold, the air can get dry. This has an impact on your skin’s health because it can dry it out. A big way to mitigate this is by investing in a humidifier. These emit a mist that hydrates the room. Place one in places you spend most of your time, especially in the bedroom while you sleep!

2. Lower The Thermostat

Okay, depending on where you live and your sensitivity to cold, this one may seem crazy. But I don’t mean turn the heat off completely or allow yourself to suffer. Just consider reducing the temperature by a few degrees.

The hotter you make things in your home, the dryer it can become. If your house is already dry, this could make things even worse. Find a comfortable temperature and don’t go overboard. Sitting directly in front of the heater may feel nice, but it’s damaging your skin.  

3. Take Mindful Showers

After being outside and having the sharp wind against your body, it feels nice to stand in the heat of the shower until the hot water runs out. But this isn’t a good idea. 

If you’re looking out for your skin, two things that you want to be mindful of when you’re showering are time and temperature. If your skin is turning red, the water is too hot and could be harming your skin.

Aim for a comfortable lukewarm shower for 5-10 minutes. I know, I know. Standing in a hot shower is relaxing – even meditative. But your skin will thank you for this by not drying out.

This goes for washing your hands, too. Avoid using hot water and opt for warm water instead. And if you’re drying with one of those public air dryers, don’t hold your hands underneath them for too long, as this can also dry them out (even though, I admit, some of them can be pretty cool).

4. Use Natural Soaps 

This one is of course applicable all year round, but I wanted to give it a shout-out as you’re likely to be exchanging gifts for Christmas – some of which may lead to new soaps in your bathroom. 

Your skin is unique to you, so even a new natural ingredient may irritate it. So be careful, and consider sticking to your current tried and true soap while your skin is fighting off dryness in these colder months.

If you do end up shopping for or being gifted a new soap, be sure to give the ingredients a thorough read. Look for something that says it’s “fragrance-free”, as products marketed as “scent-free” may still contain fragrances, which is usually code for a heap of chemicals that may harm your skin.

Bonus points if your soap has an added moisturizer! 

5. Modify Other Products For The Season

Similar to the above, it may be best to pay extra attention to any other products you’re using on your skin. 

Take a look at what’s included in your skincare routine. Use products that are cream-based to help keep your skin moist. If you have any products that contain alcohol or fragrances, use them sparingly in order to help your skin retain its natural oils.

And don’t forget about your lips! Few things are worse than having painfully dry lips with no lip balm around. Keep a lip moisturizer handy and apply it regularly.

6. Moisturize Frequently

Speaking of regularly applying a moisturizer, you’re going to want to do this to more than just your lips. 

Chances are, you’re washing your hands a lot. This especially depends on how often you leave the house and your line of work. Constant washing can give our hands quite a beating. Moisturize after every wash and before bed with a cream ointment. 

If your hands are particularly dry or prone to dryness, consider using rubber gloves when you wash the dishes or do other things that can cause your hands to get wet.

You can also apply a moisturizer to your hands before bed and then put gloves on to help seal in the moisture.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Wait a minute. Sunscreen? In the winter?

Yep! Your skin is really sensitive to the sun’s rays. Even though the sun may be weaker in the winter and the sky gray, those rays are still penetrating the clouds and getting through. After all, it’s light outside, isn’t it? 

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside during the daytime – no matter the weather – consider applying some sunscreen to any skin that will be exposed, like your face or hands. 

This is even more important if you’re somewhere that is snowy, as the sun reflects off of the smooth white surface of the snow and is exacerbated. 

8. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Let’s face it, those ugly Christmas sweaters – though fun and warm – can sometimes be made with a wooly material that can scratch and irritate the skin.

Be sure to line your skin with a soft undershirt before putting on the warmer stuff. This goes for gloves, socks, and everything! If you prefer wool gloves, line them with something softer, or look for a pair that comes with a lining stitched in already.

Additionally, if you’re out in the snow and your clothes get wet, don’t sit around in them once you get home. Be sure to change those right away. Wet clothes can cause irritated and itchy skin.

9. Eat Right And Stay Hydrated

You already know this one, but it can’t be overstated. A huge factor to your skin’s health comes from the inside out. Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet containing omegas and healthy oils. 

Drink lots of water, too. If the climate is dry, then your body – and skin – needs the water. This is especially true if you think you may be partaking in a few holiday drinks! 

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