5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

Taking care of your hair requires work from the inside out. If you’ve just started taking collagen, maybe your hair still has some lasting damage that hasn’t been replaced by your new, healthier hair yet. 

But don’t worry, there are things you can do on the outside while your body works to strengthen your hair from the inside.

One of these things is a protein treatment. Protein treatments for your hair involve hydrating ingredients, proteins like collagen and keratin, and other nutrients. You can buy formulas made for this at the store to spray or lather into your hair and then rinse out. These hair masks can help your hair absorb much-needed compounds to allow it to be its best!

But how do you know if you need a protein treatment?

In today’s article, let’s look at 5 signs that indicate your hair may be in need of a protein treatment.

1. High porosity

When your hair has high porosity there are often tears and gaps in the strands that can make it more vulnerable to damage. 

These gaps allow the hair to absorb too much water, casing frizz, tangles, and even color-loss. 

A protein treatment can help fill in the gaps and seal them, strengthening the strands of your hair. 

2. Loss of elasticity 

If your hair has lost its natural curl, or it just won’t curl as well as you’d like, it could be due to your hair’s elasticity. 

To measure your hair’s elasticity, take a strand of your hair (while it’s attached to your head) and wet it. Once wet, stretch the hair. Does it bounce back to its original length? Good! But if it doesn’t bounce back, looks limp, or breaks, it’s definitely in need of a protein boost. 

A protein treatment can help hair gain back its elasticity by boosting its protein levels. This will allow your hair to be bouncier and easier to style!

3. Stringy or limp

If your hair is stringy, limp, or flat, it needs a protein boost. 

Healthy hair should be durable and full. When it starts to look limp, it’s time for a protein treatment!

4. Gummy or sticky

If your hair just feels… odd. That’s not a good sign. If your hair feels sort of like it’s sticky, this means it has undergone some damage and is having difficulty repairing itself. This can occur from chemical treatments, heat, or some other exposure that stripped it of nutrients. 

A protein treatment can help your hair reconstruct and return to those soft strands you want to run your fingers through!

5. Recently colored hair

Coloring your hair is fun and exciting! But the sad truth is, it can really put your hair through the ringer. 

If you’re routinely coloring your hair, you should be doing a protein treatment just as – if not more – often. 

However, even if you get it done once in a blue moon, it’s a good idea to ask your hair stylist to do a protein treatment beforehand. That way, your hair can have a better base of support during and after the color treatment. 

Treating your hair

If you decide to go to the store to purchase a protein treatment for your hair, you may see in the directions that it’s advised to not overdo it. 

Depending on ingredients, it’s best not to overload your hair with protein treatments, as this may cause a buildup which can damage your hair even more.

If you want to make your own protein treatment at home, all you need to do is mix one egg, two cups of plain Greek yogurt, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. It’s best to blend these ingredients, work them into your hair and allow it to sit for at least 15-20 minutes, then rinse and do a normal shampoo/conditioner wash of your hair.

Additionally, there are a ton of variations online when it comes to these homemade treatments, so feel free to explore and find one which works best for you!

Your hair is unique

With all of these points in mind, remember that your hair is unique to you. A hairstylist will be able to look at your hair and tell you how healthy it is and what it might need – whether that’s a protein treatment or something else. 

Talk to your hairstylist about what’s best for the health of your individual hair on the outside. 

Meanwhile, on the inside, collagen can help boost the health of your hair so that new hair grows strong and robust!

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