14 Tips For Stronger Nails

How are your nails? Because they’re so small, it can be easy to forget about them sometimes. But keeping these little guys strong and healthy is important! 

If your nails are discolored, brittle, contain deep ridges, have weak or broken cuticles, or have dark lines, these can all be signs that their health is suffering. 

In today’s article, I’ll cover how to strengthen your nails so that they can become smooth, pink, and resilient again!

If you’re already satisfied with your nail’s health, these tips can help you keep them that way.

1. Take a vitamin B7 supplement

One of the eight B vitamins, B7 helps the body’s nervous system function properly, but it also bolsters the health of the hair and nails. [1, 2, 3]

The problem is that it’s water-soluble, meaning that the body doesn’t store it and you need to ensure you’re consuming it everyday. 

2. Minimize their exposure to water

It’s impossible to completely avoid submerging your hands in water, but try and be mindful about it. 

Constantly soaking your nails in water – especially warm water – can weaken them over time. Wear gloves when washing the dishes or doing similar tasks, and avoid keeping them beneath the water when in the bath or a hot tub.

3. Stay hydrated

The benefits of keeping your body hydrated seems to be never-ending, and somewhere on that long list is strong nails. 

Without enough moisture, your nails can grow brittle and peel easily. Be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water so that your nails can retain moisture and stay strong.

4. Eat well

This one goes without saying, but just in case, I wanted to add it to the list! A range of nutrients can help keep your nails strong and healthy. 

B vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, and protein are all things that your nails need to keep healthy. 

5. Be mindful of your nail products

Nail treatments, including polishes, can contain harmful ingredients that can weaken your nails. For example, nail polish remover – which contains acetone – can damage the nail. 

Look for acetone-free nail polish remover and other nail products with gentle ingredients. 

6. Avoid using gel or acrylic nails

These are handy if you’re having trouble growing your nails, but continuous and regular use can cause your nail to peel, weakening them. If you’re going to use these, try to do so occasionally. 

Additionally, the ultraviolet light used to let the gel set can damage the skin that supports a healthy nail, and has even been identified as a risk factor for cancer. [4]

7. Give your nails a break from the polish

That being said, it’s good to give your nails a break from nail polish altogether, allowing them to breathe. Constant use of polish – no matter how gentle – can weaken the nail. 

Try to take breaks from the polish, preferably a week on, week off. 

8. Keep your nails short

Though long nails can look nice, they’re at a higher risk of becoming damaged when long. They’re more likely to get caught on things, split, cracked, or chipped. Short nails will stay out of the way, keeping them free from damage.

If you think your nails need a boost, this is one I recommend while they rebuild their strength. 

9. Don’t use your nails

This one sounds strange, but if you’re trying to keep your nails free from any stress, don’t use them. Sure, they’re technically our natural tools, but for now use your fingertips or an actual tool to do things like opening cans or digging into small spaces.  

10. Use lotions on your nails

When using hand lotion, focus on your nails. Rub the lotion into the cuticles, beneath the nail, and on top. This can help the nail absorb moisture and help it build strength. If you can, do this after each time you wash your hands. 

11. Be careful when you file

When you file your nails, using a back-and-forth motion like a saw can actually harm the nail. Instead, file in one direction and be sure to go easy on the sides, as filing here can weaken the nail. 

12. Be mindful when cleaning

Many household cleaning products contain ingredients that can diminish your nails. When cleaning, be sure to wear gloves so that your nails aren’t exposed to and absorbing these harsh substances. 

13. Check your shampoo

Yes, your shampoo! Especially ones that are made to help dry your air or strip it of oils. When you’re lathering, the ingredients designed to do so may be drying out your nails. Try changing shampoos if you can or lather with gloves on. 

14. Collagen

Your nails are made of the protein keratin. In order to create keratin, your body needs the amino acids found in collagen. 

It’s no wonder then why research found that collagen supplementation led to a 12% increase in nail growth and 42% decrease in the frequency of broken nails. [5]

And that was done using a conventional collagen supplement that isn’t formulated with a micelle liposomal formula for enhanced absorption. 

Just imagine how much more nail growth would occur with a bioavailable collagen like Complete Collagen+!

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